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How to get Robux for free

2019.04.11 21:04

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Roblox is a great place to build things, play games and spend time with your friends, but if you're new, all the choices can seem a little overwhelming. But do not be afraid, because we are here to help you. When you sign in to Roblox, you'll see several links that will help you manage your account and explore Roblox's many features. They are mainly displayed on two navigation bars: one at the top of the page and the other on the left.

Robux (RBX) is the main currency on Roblox. There are various ways to earn or buy Robux:

Players with a membership receive a quantity of Robux each day
Players with a membership can also sell shirts, pants and paid access and they receive 70% of the profit.
You can buy Robux on the Robux page.
Players with a membership and also those who do not have a membership can both sell game passes to win Robux. Players who do not have a membership will receive 10% of the profit, while players with a membership will receive 70% of the profit.

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