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You can upload your own datasets to EVpedia via this board.

You should provide your information of: Example link
1. Name
2. E-mail
3. Types of molecules
4. PubMed ID (optional)
5. EV sources
6. EV isolation strategy
7. High-throughput analysis strategy
8. Number of identified molecules
9. Whether you are willing to provide raw file for further analysis
In addition, it would be very helpful if you upload the list of molecules you identified by attaching file in tsv or Excel format. Example link ).

Thank you for helping EVpedia

Name Guillaume ARRAS 
Type of molecule Protein 
PubMed ID (Optional) 26858453 
EV sources Eukaryotes
Homo sapiens
In vitro
Primary cells: monocyte-derived dendritic cells 
EV isolation strategy EV isolation strategy 1 (EV1) :
Ultracentrifugation (300g > 2000g > 10,000g > 100,000g) > Iodixanol Gradient Separation of 10,000g and 100,000 g pellets > fractions’ wash at respective speed (10 000g or 100 000g depending on the starting pellet)

EV isolation strategy 2 (EV2) :
Ultracentrifugation (300g > 2000g > 10,000g > 100,000g) > Immuno-isolation of 100,000g pellet (irrelevant IgG1, CD63, CD9 and CD81), unbound material concentrated by centrifugation at 100,000g 
High-throughput analysis strategy 1DE-LC-ESI-MS-MS 
Number of identified molecules 3103(EV1) 3171 (EV2) 
Willing to provide raw data of high-throughput analysis? No